In 2050 there will be more plastic than fish.

In order to talk about this big issue we create a special project that shows how single-use plastic will change our lives in the future if we don’t act today.

We launched 2050: Cronache Marine, the first documentary shot into 2050.

4 stories related to 4 different scientific facts that people don’t know about plastic: a microplastics chef, a packaging collector, a plastic bag hunter and a bottles fisherman. The docfilm has been promoted across different media and we invited people to follow 4 specific actions to prevent the announced disaster in 2050.
Branded Content
with VICEVERSA Studio
Cdp: odd produzioni

- 1 Bronze ADCI AWARDS
- 2 Shortlists ADCI Awards
- Varese International Film Festival Winner
- Rome Green Film Festival Selection
- Prisma Rome Independent Film Awards