Eolo - #EsinoInVendita
Eolo is an Italian internet service provider that brings wireless connection where optical fiber has not arrived, especially in small towns, helping them not to be isolated from the big cities.

The mayor of Esino Lario, in collaboration with Eolo, offers his town for sale as a provocation act to raise awareness of the problem of depopulation of his town.

How could we turn this announcement into a trend topic across social italian network?

We used social medias to make this provocation a debate, inflaming italians users online with the endless battle CITY VS TOWNS. To do that we created two factions of influencers who talked about the news: one in favor of the towns, the other in favor of the cities.

For one week the discussions has been followed and argued by millions of italians that spread the voice of little town of Esino Lario and put the issue as trend topic across different media.

In the end, when the truth about the operation was revealed, there was only one winner: Eolo and his commitment against the depopulation of the small Italian towns.

Social Campaign
with H48 MILAN

- ADCI Awards 1 Silver 2 Shorlist