Mulino Bianco - The Exhibeetion

Mulino Bianco decided to preserve 3% of all its wheat fields to make flowers (equivalent to 2,500 football fields), helping the biodiversity of bees and pollinators. To show the results, they asked all their farmers and suppliers to take a photo of their flower fields.

We've been involved to communicate in an unconventional way this project called “Fiori del Mulino” by using those photos through something beautiful and newsworthy.

Fortunately, we were helped by the best art director in the world: mother nature. She made bees see flowers in a unique way: by perceiving the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum of their colors. In their eyes, flowers were even more spectacular.

To bring this point of view to all humans, in collaboration with Karmachina Studio and Basement Production, we created a 360-degree immersive exhibition where the voice of a bee led us to discover the project and its benefits for biodiversity.

Then, thanks to a spectacular switch, visitors could see those same flowers with the colors perceived by bees.

Proving that the first step to helping bees is to see the world through their eyes.

Event Campaign
with VICEVERSA Studio
Cdp: Basement Headquarter
Artist: Karmachina

- ADCI Awards 1 Bronze 1 Shortlist