Humans live off connections, where physical or digital. Without others, we are nothing. That’s why it’s utterly important to get in touch with those got disconnected.

For the launch of Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima’s outstanding new masterpiece, we did exactly that: we found a way to reconnect abandoned, lost and forgotten italian places that be must reconnected.

We issued a call to arms to all italian gamers with the help of a team of influencers and twitchers. We asked them to point out the small italian towns, by telling their stories and the reason behind their disconnections, just like PlayStation did with the first selected ones: Calcata, Pentedattilo and Vajont.

Launching “The Connector” platform we let people reconnect their towns in a digital way, showing how important is being together to create a real connections. At the end we reached more than 2000 ghost town connecting over 50.000 gamers to the stories of every place.

Digital Activation
with H48, MILAN