Spotify - Rush Wedding

Since they became famous, Maneskin's music, life and relationship has gone in tremendous rush.

This is why the title of their latest album is called "Rush!". Through this they have told the bright and dark sides of their fast life. Spotify asked us (thanks to Dude) for an idea to celebrate the album's release in a spectacular way, maintaining the provocative and fluid nature that has always characterized all the band's moves.

Our idea was as simple as devastating.

We made them a proposal: to marry each other, in a pagan and promiscuous rite.

Just like rock stars, crazy people in Las Vegas or those who got pregnant by accident: all of them "Get Married in a Rush!".

So, they said yes. But they are Romans and so the most profane event of the year came to life a few steps from the Vatican City.

Everything was designed to deconstruct the classic ritual in a rock key: inverted wedding and groom suits, black cake and dark flowers, a bouquet made of plectrums to be thrown from the stage at the end of the concert. The priest was the former creative director of Gucci Alessandro Michele and the rite of him celebrated in the name of rock and the god of music Apollo.

Rock now or forever hold your peace.

Event Campaign
with DUDE Milano